01 March 2008

Don't Use HUSSEIN in Your Reporting.


It is VERBOTEN to use Barack HUSSEIN Obama's middle name in any reporting. Because it's "disparaging" and maybe even racist.


So... It's ok to use George "W" Bush's middle name any ol' way you want. Lots of people made up things about what the "W" stands for. And it's ok to use George "Herbert Walker" Bush's middle names as well. The "George Herbert Hoover Bush" joke wouldn't be as funny without it, you see.

But it's not ok to use Barack HUSSEIN Obama's middle name or even whisper that he MIGHT be a bit too friendly with Muslims. Shhh... that would be wrong of you. You'd be mocking his "ethnic heritage" and all. (Which, last I recall, was half white, but whiteness doesn't count. Too boring.)

Maybe it's just me, but when someone tells me not to do something, and then they give an asinine reason... well... I get a bit tempted to...



Do that. Hopefully we're all over that now. We're all big kids and realize his name sounds awfully Muslim. If he were a sincere and devout Christian and acted like it in his politics and in the statements he made, I'd hope it wouldn't stop you from voting for him. I'd hope you would carefully research the candidate for his beliefs and voting record. And that you would conclude that Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to lead our nation.

However, I would *love* to send him and Hillary Clinton as a team to lead the nation of Iraq. I'd even be willing to spend taxpayer money on the comedy... I'd love to watch them try to put gay equality on the agenda during their first year, and abortion "rights" in the first 30 days in office... I think in the long run we'd save a LOT of taxpayer money if we sent them over. Just think about how quickly the Iraqis would be ready to lead their own nation once they saw them getting off the plane!

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