02 March 2008

I'm Feeling Really Great About Myself.

Someone asked me today when I'd be having the baby. I must be looking even crappier than I thought, and that's saying something.

Ordinarily I'd joke that saying something like that is justifiable grounds for the other person to kill you, but I could tell she was just as embarrassed as I was at my having to tell her that the kid has been here for a MONTH, and I'm just fat. Really fat. Though I can still waddle out of rooms alll by myself and don't need the Oompah-Loompahs' help rolling me about just yet.

I looked it up online, and having a BMI of only 46% means that I'm not 100% fat, and therefore things aren't entirely bad. I mean, think of all the jobs in the Indonesian sweatshops I'm providing. Five families are eating today because I needed a new pair of pants. I am also supporting about half of the American cotton industry.

And maybe the rock industry, if I can find one big enough to hide under.



  1. Wow that really stinks. It's the kind of thing that is funny when it happens to someone else that you don't know but it is not even kinda funny when it happens to you.

  2. Awww....body image is a hard thing! just come and read my blog:)


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