18 March 2008

School Corruption? Vare Says YES.

From Ned Vare's "School is Hell" blog:


"About 60% of my town’s tenth graders fail the state test of basic skills based on information taught up to eighth grade, but the employees tell us that they are delivering “excellence in education.” The terrible results tell us that the school system has the children for ten years to provide an eighth grade level schooling, and still only 40% can pass according to the state. Are we being deceived about the quality of the schooling offered? Is 60% failure a high quality result?

Next, who benefits when 75% of middle schoolers are placed on the honor roll? If we know that only about 40% are at their grade level, then we know that a large portion of the kids on the honor roll are below their grade level. What’s going on?"

Vare says it's called cheating. He says that school officials are corrupt and need to be held accountable.

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