24 March 2008

Thanks, Casdok!!

Somehow I'm thinking a Flat Stanley book and a couple chocolates isn't really an even exchange LOL! We were so surprised to find this in the mail this afternoon. Elf and Emperor are upstairs reading about the "Shrek alien." I was going to look at the Atlas with them but Oooo-oo! No! We have to *save* that for science or the surprise will be ruined! These boys are starting to think like me.


  1. Your home-schooling adventure sounds pretty good to me. I have a cousin who is doing it with his kids, and my daughter may decide on it when her 3 year old finishes at Montesorri pre-school.

    On the subject of autism, would you mind if I "borrow" a couple of your slogan pics to use in a blog at the beginning of April? I would like to at least mention it. More should be aware!
    (I hesitated to ask this on your other blog, fearing it would be lost in the midst of so many, many comments.)

  2. LOL Thanks Bobbie! Click on some of the pics and see where you get. The "blogging for autism" one will lead you to a website and you can sign up and be on their blogroll. Then people will come visit you!


    But this is my only blog. You might have me mixed up with someone else.

    Maybe I should START a blog for my alter ego?

  3. My pleasure!!
    Those ears look great!!

  4. Cool Stuff! Have fun. The whole "Flat Stanley" thing is a really neat idea.

  5. Sorry. I came to your blog via casdok, and guess I thought both were the same person.
    But I did find yours very interesting!


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