10 March 2008

Want to go Shopping?


Might I suggest that this be a store you avoid?

You could get all your KKK memorabilia here at the good ol' Redneck Shop. Some old fellow has a contract that states he can run this store for life. The problem is that now a black fellow owns the building and certainly doesn't want that sort of business under his roof. I can't say I blame him, but...

This is why we do our homework before buying a building, folks. Look into stuff and make an *educated* decision. The guy has a contract stating he can be there for life. So guess what? You have to let him be there for life. Too bad for you.

Now, before I get the flaming comments, NO, I do NOT agree with this fellow who sells the KKK crap. I think his stuff is horrid, distasteful and nasty. Apparently he's not selling anything illegal, though.

Do you know what I think the REAL problem is? People buy this stuff. Obviously the guy would go out of business after a while if no one were buying.

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