02 April 2008

At the Museum in Oklahoma!

Well, we went out tried to mow the yard today, but Mrs. Zimms told us that we were just too small to help. She was afraid we might lose a limb! We got to go to a museum! Here are the pictures in order from top to bottom if Mrs. C can load them correctly: Here we are in the new kids' play zone (with the water play table). One of us fell in, so we are starting to look a little ragged. But we enjoyed that! Next, Little Bitty helps us go down the fire pole in the fire station area of the kids' zone. Now we are trying to figure out the mind teasers. We never did figure that one out, but D can do them all! He's very bright. The last photo shows how we rode around in the museum!


  1. That was fast.
    The kids have really enjoyed it.

  2. tell me when you posted those pictures of when you fixed those shorts and added the material at the bottom.
    I have several pairs of jeans I want to do for the girls and you don't have labels on the side so I don't even know where to begin looking.

  3. http://homeschoolnetc.blogspot.com/2008/01/elfs-pants-reincarnated.html

    I clicked the "craft projects" label at the bottom to find it because I didn't know when I posted that either!!

  4. Its great to see my friends enjoying themselves!

  5. I have to tell ya.These flat stanley have seen more places then I have in my 36 years.What adventures they have!


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