02 April 2008

Here is the last one. We posed with Little Bitty in the new treehouse area. This is by far the best there! The kids love it. It is a huge tree house that goes way up high and has a big twisty slide that is super fun if you come down sideways or head first (maybe not so safe, though!).


  1. What an awesome day! Thanks, ya Zimms!!

  2. hey no problem. I am telling you that I am having a hard time convincing the kids that they don't need to take picture with them of everything we do.
    We went to the library today and forgot them so Brown Sugar picked up some snapshots of Oklahoma bookmarks to include with them when they return.
    I forgot to mention that before we left I checked the camera, made sure the batteries were in, had extra memory cards and had the stanleys. First time I turn on the camera, batteries go kapoot. No extra batteries so we run in the gift shop and buy the last pack they had and they only lasted until the picture of Little Bitty and then kapoot for them too! ARRGHHH!!


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