04 April 2008

Learning Responsibility

I am getting some medical problems that, added together, make it impossible for me to run a well-ordered house alone. I don't want to go into them not because they're shameful, but because I'll sound OLD about this and that bothering me. And I believe God can heal me, but I don't have enough faith that He can do it while the kids are young and housework makes most of the conditions worse LOL! I am trying to delegate, even when that means it's really MORE work to do so and the jobs don't get done as well as they would if I were the martyr and did them myself. And I love delegating things to Elf and Emperor. They really want to help and are so proud of themselves when they contribute.


  1. Since you are blogging some about autism I thought this might interest you. OUr local paper had a whole insert dedicated to kids with autism and how they function in society. One family had triplet boys that all have it. Anyway it has been a subjct in our homeschool yahoo group.

    I thought this might be of interest to some.

    Update on Nick's Law

    Dear Friends and family,

    We are really getting down to "make or break" with Nick's Law. (Provide insurance coverage to children with autism who are currently excluded). We need your help!!! We have attached a message with specific instructions on what we need you to do. It will not take that much time and will change thousands of lives in Oklahoma for the better! Did you realize that autism is 1 in 100 in Oklahoma and that it affects more children than cancer, AIDS, diabetes and all other childhood diseases combined! Our children our sick and need medical care and as we treat them they do get better! I have a little guy walking around talking, playing and who is going to contribute to society in a positive way because of the medical and behavior therapy we have employed ($60,000/year). What about all the other thousands of children out there whose parents can not afford these expensive therapies and biomedical treatments. They need a chance, too! We will all pay dearly then as some of the most severe children will have to be on disability and eventually wards of the state. This does not have to happen. Because 80% of those with autism are under the age of 15 the first wave of this is coming in just over 5 years!!! We sat next to a young man age 18 with Autism at the capital yesterday who had early intervention and he just scored a 36 on the ACT – a perfect score!

    Please call us if you have any questions or concerns and thank you in advance,

    Bob and Liza Greve
    Biomedical Intervention Group of Okc/Edmond

    Call your State Representative today and let them know you want them to support Nick's Law!

  2. I think learning responsibility and delegating are great!

  3. It's a kind thing, I believe, to teach our children responsibility. I didn't do that much earlier, and see now how important it is. Great job...and I'm so sorry to hear about your health. I'll be here to listen if you need me.

    Thank you for your prayers and concern for Boo..he did not make it through this, though. :( xo

  4. I soo need to teach my kids responsibility.I get so tired of waking up and looking at the mess I need to take care of everyday.It really isnt helping them to take care of their things.It is a life skill that they are just going to need to learn.As soon as I put my foot down lol!


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