17 April 2008

Proof Children Eat Vegemite Voluntarily

Hi Elf & Emperor!

We know you’re desperate to try some vegemite. Like your mum has discovered, it’s probably better to have a little bit on bread first, but just so that you know... yes, we do eat it out of the jar sometimes!

Annie loves vegemite the best in our house – she has it on everything, even pizza crusts!!

I’m sure the Stanleys will bring some vegemite from Tassie, but we’ll send some home with them from here too!

Love from Jack and Annie xx


  1. Yay! for Annie.. I am really enjoying reading all these Stanley posts.. Have the Stanleys played cricket and football with Jack yet???

    cheers kim xxx

  2. We forgot to mention... it's Annie's favourite pancake topping!

  3. I think they have, Kim, but Elissa's pretty much taking a bloggy break. When things settle and she sends some pics, I'll also include links to a cricket place in Melbourne.

    I'm really surprised at how fascinated everyone is with vegemite!! LOL!

  4. I am weary of any brown foods that aren't chocolate based. Can you tell I'm an American?

  5. Hi Kim & Mrs C!

    Cricket and Footy photos coming soon!

  6. Now that's the way it's done, Just guts down the whole lot
    >>> a full jar at a time <<<


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