01 April 2008

The Stanleys Visit Friends!

The Stanleys are out and about! Mr B., the homeschool band director, helped the Stanleys learn a few basics recently. R and Mrs. M hung out with the Stanleys and even got them to sit still for a moment! The Zimms Zoo also took Stanleys to the kids' group at their church. The Stanleys learned about the empty tomb and probably a bit about salvation, too. These pics are so cute! You can tell the children especially are having a lot of fun.


  1. They certainly are having an education!

    Just noticed your great photos of your kids down your side bar!!

  2. Tomorrow is the omniplex. pray I don't drive off and forget them. I have forgotten just about everyone I mean everything else.

  3. Your right, the kids do look like a great bunch! Found your blog through Principles Discovery.


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