09 April 2008

Tasmanian Holiday!

The Stanley twins have arrived in Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania is the island on the south of Australia. In our homeschool, we've been learning that we cannot see the same stars they do, and that's why we can't see the "Southern Cross" that is on their flag at night. We also learned that winter is coming there as their seasons are different from ours. School is in session usually from January to November. And yes, boys, they speak English there. They know who the Wiggles are and that they are also from Australia.

My bloggy friend, Kim (link on sidebar), has offered to host the Stanleys and show them 'round. They've also arrived in Victoria, Australia, to visit my friend Elissa and her children. So we have three sets of Stanleys running about at the moment!! Try not to get confused.


  1. That whole Stanley clan, they get around, don't they. I want them to adopt me.

  2. I will try and keep up on this rollar coaster ride!!

  3. When we have a clear night I will show the Stanleys the stars... We can see the southern cross here.

    The stanleys are very excited about seeing wallabies (small kangaroos) this weekend.. We might even see some Tasmanian devils.. ..

    cheers kim

  4. Oh, Can I join in? Please? I live in NSW, Australia. Not Sydney, but I am going there in a couple of weeks and I would love to show the Stanleys around! Pick me, pick me!!!

    I live in what is known as Wine Country (Hunter Valley Vineyards). It is absolutely beautiful. Not far from the East Coast, Newcastle, to be precise.

    I would love to befriend the Stanleys!


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