01 April 2008

Today's Writing Assignment

I had the boys write a little letter to Kim's daughter so we can *finally* get 'round to sending the Flat Stanleys in the mail to Tasmania. (Hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow, they'll be mailed!! Whoo! I am TWICE as disorganized with six children as I was with four.) We talked a little about Australia and Tasmania and how the seasons and animals are different. After school, I decided to buy myself some lunch time by popping on the Wiggles Safari with Steve Irwin. The boys watched baby J and the show as well. They decided that they MUST do a report on an Australian animal for homeschool. I told them they could do it tomorrow, but they insisted that they really, REALLY wanted to do this today. Um, ok! It's pretty much a copy of the facts they saw on TV in their own words. They aren't sure if this was social studies, science or English. What do you think?


  1. I think that is so cool that they wanted to do that. My kids would have definitely wanted to wait. Yeah for you and making school fun for them. My kids hate to write unless it is a letter to someone.

    BTW I updated the attic about the hoarding disease so check it out. I checked out the blog too!

  2. Some days I am disorganised.. Some days I am lazy and other days I just don't have a clue ...

    cheers kim..


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