06 April 2008

Welcome to My Day!

This is about as honest as you can get. I've left the mess be and shown you how I REALLY live. I do this knowing that you have no clue who I am, or if you do, you also know that *I* know where *you* live as well... ;]

This was not all taken in one day, but I tried to make a sort of a "representative" day, and to me that would mean an average weekday.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you for the tour round and the peek into your life!
    With all your children and washing etc i am very impressed with how organised you are and homeschool as well!
    And you find time to blog!!

  2. how interesting! its always interesting to see a snapshot of someone elses' life. how do you have time for it all?

  3. Um...what are you trying to do here Mrs. C?!!! You're farr more organized than I am, great. Now I feel the need to go get organizing!

    Your children are so beautiful, I still adore that little dress on your baby girl. AND no, you won't need a Napoblomo or whatever, silly. And I can only describe it by telling you to click the link on the sidebar. xo

  4. Hey, this was supposed to be a TELL-ALL expose on my life thing. You were supposed to be shocked at the mess!!! Where are all the nasty comments I was expecting?

    I guess I look at it and go, this needs to be picked up! So does that!

    Stacey, it goes to show the grass is greener b/c I've "seen" your house on the blog and thought the same thing LOL!!

    Welcome, cbh!

    PS. Casdok, I pretty well just blog for sanity LOL! It's my hobby now.


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