03 May 2008


When we were out the other day, the Stanleys spotted a place that started to make them feel a little homesick – it was the American Hotel! So we decided it might be time for the Stanleys to head home again, even though we will miss them terribly when they are gone!

We have promised the Stanleys that we will let you know when they are on their way home... it will be in the next couple of days, once they have packed their envelope!


  1. Thank you, Jack and Annie, so much for hosting the Stanleys. Even if they're a bit homesick, I'm sure they'll miss you as well!

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  3. We have loved having the Stanley's and will miss them lots!

  4. Where are the stanley's off to next? My kids want to do it this summer. They had such a fun time taking yours places.


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