05 May 2008

Keep Preachin'!!


The new preacher in line to take over Trinity Church where Obama is a member is quoting rap songs like "F--- AmeriKKKa, still with the Triple K." Oh, yeah. Keep preachin' it and tellin' it like it is. We AmeriKKKans wanna know so we can vote for someBBBoDDDy else in NoVVVemBBBer.

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  1. I'm sorry, why don't these people just convert to Nation of Islam? Then they can be comforted by the teachings that white devils will in fact burn on earth in the end times when all the black people are flown in a spaceship to a paradise planet. (real teachings, not kidding).

    Obama is ridiculous and I "hope" people are starting to see that. His church is and always has been profoundly racist, hostile and just weird. To say that he is not responsible for what his church says is totally absurd.


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