16 May 2008

Stanleys at Home

This is what the Stanleys have done this morning.
First thing, they checked Mrs C's blog to catch up with all the news from home.
Then they went outside to check how much water was in the water tanks. This tank is full. yay. Can you see the pump? That is how the water gets into the house. Every time somebody turns on a tap the pump starts up and pumps the water into the pipes so that fresh clean rainwater comes out the tap..
Next the Stanleys went into the big vegetable garden and discovered that the wallabies had somehow managed to get into the garden. The wallabies had eaten all the silverbeet and all the onions and they even had nibbled the rhubarb.Kim didn't mind though because they had eaten all the grass in the garden as well. Kim has left the gate open now so that the wallabies don't have to hop through the hole in the fence.(The hole that Jeff will fix later).
The Stanleys then quickly checked that Kim's Kitchen garden hadn't been nibbled by the hungry wallabies. Phew no nibbling here.. that's a relief.
The Stanleys walked halfway up the driveway and looked back at the house and saw that the New Kitten was coming for a walk as well. When the Stanleys got to the top of the driveway they stopped and had a look at the bark on a gum tree. This is a "stringy bark" you can see how some of the bark is black. that is from a bushfire 16 years ago.


  1. It looks like the Stanleys are having fun. If you decide that you want the Stanleys to come to Cajun country for a little lesson just let me know.


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