27 May 2008

Woodjums McOnion Pumpkin Update

J (aka Woodjie With Cheese) is STILL NOT TALKING. He signed "please" for a bit. Then we taught him how to sign "more." Now he has forgotten how to sign "please." He will not imitate sounds. What if he never talks? Should I do the "mommy voice" for J wherever I go? You know, the high sing-songy one that people do for their toddlers that make you sick? "OH, myyyy name is J, and I don't talk yet, do I?" (ok, barf. I don't think I could do that even if everyone suggested it.) As he ages, should I go out with a stopwatch and time how long it takes people to figure out that J doesn't talk? What if he never talks? How do you teach people to "sound out the words" when they read if they never make the sounds?


  1. Quite a dilema Mrs C... but I am darn sure you will sort it out!

  2. Good questions. I would be completely cluess if I had to raise a kid who can't talk.

  3. How old is he? I wouldn't worry too much. He has older siblings to speak for him. I imagine you've had his hearing tested?


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