28 June 2008

Bzzz izzz izz zzizzz ZZizzz... zzBzzzizzz ZZ!

All day, I've been hearing this zzizz zzz bzzz izzz zzizzing. I thought maybe a bug was hanging out near the window. It was pretty constant. I kept waiting for the bug to just die or whatever. It's an older house, so we have lots of places where spiders and bugs congregate between the storm windows. It's nearly impossible to clean these windows properly and so in true American form, I just quit trying. Just pull those blinds shut and ignore that mess over there. Cuts out a decently nice view, though. D finally wondered what on earth that sound was and I told him. We pulled the blinds back and found a HUGE wasp nest and about a zillion wasps all buzzing about at the same time! Yikes! Then D sprayed while my job was to tap on the window and see if anything moved. Do you see the wasp nest in the upper left corner of the first picture?


  1. OH wow. I would have been freaking out. You are brave to stop to take a picture of it.

  2. Yes wow! Hope noone got stung!


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