02 June 2008


I know there's a hot market for strange things like Porno Bears, but how many of you all got them for YOUR kids this year instead of the Tickle Me Elmo? Apparently grandmas and grandpas sometimes cross "that line" and decide to get a little creative in their gift-giving.

My parents and my parents-in-law just send me a check before birthdays and Christmases. Then we save on shipping costs and we avoid these little misunderstandings.


  1. Wait, your parents sent this to your kids? This is so terrible. I hate how our culture keeps turning innocence into filth. They make crass cartoons like "Family Guy" in a style that is appealing to children with content that is inappropriate for any age. I think part of it is that so many adults are really children with adult bodies, thus they engage in their brain-dead laughing at a bear with genitals.

    Ever notice that true humor is hard to find? People resort to toilet humor because they have no creativity.

  2. LOL NO NO NO!!

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was just meaning that my folks and D's just send me money so we don't worry about the going against parental wishes thing, and also save money on shipping.

    Oh, good gracious I have NO CLUE what I'd do if I found this in the mail!!

  3. OK, had a minute to think about things. I think we get a little squeamish about talking with our kids about, oh, that's the dog's penis or testicles. You don't have to go overboard on it, but I don't want to hide that "that's what it is" either.

    The bear thing is in gross humour and I'd be pretty upset about it. If, however, say some wildlife conservation organization came out with something that was anatomically correct without being crude, it would be different. You know?


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