05 June 2008

Kitchen Plates

A little of this and that, displayed with some twigs.


  1. very pretty Mrs C. Re: vaccinations.. here if your kid isn't vaccinated they cannot go to school! Mine are all done... so they can go to school.... oh and are safe!

  2. I'm actually not "anti" vax but want to space them out a bit and not do three of them (IPV, MMR and chicken pox).

    Hey, do you think I *want* my younger kids in school LOL! You read my "closet" post. When the doctors start in on the "they can't go to school if you don't," I say



    Though I would agree that vaccinations can be a good idea in most cases, I don't think the arm-twisting is warranted or fair.

  3. The vaccination thing gets my dander up so I am going to leave well enough alone on that one.

    The plates are cute. My grandma had one of those plate rails in her house and we probably packed up about 30 plates that she had collected over the years. From all over.

  4. Beautiful display of plates, but I'm just thinking about the dusting of them!

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