20 June 2008

Look What He's Doing!

This thief is stealing all my camera time. He's getting too close to me and making funny faces during MY picture time. I really resent that. I'm also very upset that Patrick took my cookie the other night and then laughed at the look of "sheer disbelief and terror" on my face. He said my eyeballs nearly popped right out of my head just then, I was so upset. Everyone is taking advantage of me because I can't talk. Mom keeps telling everyone to quit antagonizing me, but I'm going to write about this when I get older. No one will pretend not to understand what I'm talking about then, and I will make rounds on all the talk shows! You have been warned!


  1. lol Monkey used to do the same thing to Monkette (and still does a little) when she could not talk. I used to say, "Just wait! One day she will get bigger and beat you up and there will not be a thing I can do about it since you were so mean to her." Sure enough look what is happening now. Pay back.

  2. My dad always told the big kids that one day Lion Cub would beat them up and he does.

    But they all hate it when someone steals their lime light.

  3. Your children are gorgeous. My eldest is such a ham and he steals much of the camera time from his little brother just goofing around.

  4. ((J)) Patrick is being so naughty. Let him know who is boss J. Just because your little doesn't mean that you can be treated this way. You show him J!

    Auntie B


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