03 June 2008

Me Signing "More!"

J can sign "more," but has pretty much forgotten "please." We've introduced a PECS picture system for him. Right now it is composed of three little index cards: bagel, drink, bubbles. J has to hand us what he wants to get the desired item. It sort of works. I wonder if he's trying to figure out that the "food" picture means you get "food." It looks to me like he hands the cards and then he's surprised by what he gets, but he knows something good will happen. He WILL get his hearing checked tomorrow, but I think his hearing is fine. We deal more with autism as a family and I'd be more suspicious in that area. Here's a picture of the poor child wearing his little sister's bib. Well, it's a nice big one and covers him nicely. He doesn't go out that way. The semi-naked child next to him is Emperor. Yes, when we serve foods with mustard and the like, all the boys just take off their shirts for the meal and put them on after they've washed hands and faces. We're barbarians that way, and it doesn't insult those that I would otherwise ask to wear a bib LOL!


  1. We are teaching my nephew more. I think he thinks it means grapes, because he only does it when we are having grapes.
    I hope you get some postive feedback that will help you.
    BTW how old is J? My nephew can only say HI and that is it and he is almost 2.

  2. the PINK bib was the first thing I noticed!!!! Good luck with the picture system!

  3. Thanks, Chris! Zimms, J is 18 months but doesn't even "babble" properly so speech therapist is suspicious. I think it's physically impossible for him to be deaf because he cries when he is told NO in a firm voice. I think he understands the "tone" but not the words but there's no way for me to "prove" that. He will not imitate sounds.


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