24 June 2008

The Odd Couple.

Got this You Tube link from American Family Association. It's a Heinz ad currently running in England and shows two homosexuals kissing. I hardly noticed the Heinz product. It just looked to me more like Felix and Oscar setting up house with a couple kids. I guess I was too perplexed to be outraged. Maybe I should be outraged? But perhaps it's me just all slow and loopy on the drugs that this was my thought while watching it: "?? Did I see that correctly?"


  1. Okaaaay. I think the Brits are just using their off-beat humor here. I don't think they are trying to glamorize gayness but they are playing with the lack of morality that we have these days, which is not good either.

    There is an IKEA commerical that runs here in Portland that has shots of all these families at home with their furniture. It's diliberatly supposed to be sappy. They show how loving families and furniture go together blah blah blah then the final shot is two dudes siting side by side with their arms around eachother's shoulders, touching heads or making some other obviously "in love" gesture with kids and dogs sitting around them.

    Anyway, glad I moved to the suburbs. On my old street in Portland, there were some houses and the ONLY one with children was headed by 2 lesbians. However, there seem to be a number of Muslims in this suburb.

  2. Um, I don't think it's off beat humor. I think it's an evelope that's being pushed to see how far they can go. England always goes first and we follow.

    I blogged about this. Thank you for sharing! P.S. That pic of your little baby girl on floor is adorable. :D

    I wish I were there to help you while you are recovering. Hope you are okay!

  3. Whoa, that video was kinda strange but it was funny too.
    I love watching commercials from other countries!

  4. OMG. That is uhhh.... interesting.


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