22 July 2008

Cute Lemonhead

Too bad; yet again you are subjected to "cute baby pictures." J's therapist is making a receptive ID book and it will include pictures of his booster seat, his cup, his bowl, his bed... just about everything. We're supposed to do everything with a white background so I got all high-class and got a TOWEL for one of the children to hold behind him. Do you think he looks like a Lemonhead?


  1. I think he looks adorable. His hair looks so blond in that picture.

    How is he doing on his signs?

  2. What the heck is a lemonhead?? LOL.

    I blog (been slacking) at http://www.taeq.us/journal . I have photos at http://www.flickr.com/rachelinaz :) I bookmarked your blog... I will probably read more then comment... although you never know with me!!


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