08 July 2008

The End of the Spear

We're halfway through the movie and had to stop because it was too intense for Elf. He started wailing heartbrokenly; it was just too much for him to see not only the death of the men but the little boy his save age going through grief was just too hard. So we've taken a vote about what we'd do if we were the missionary families. (My vote, unfortunately, would be along the lines of showing some common sense in not going somewhere *quite* that dangerous in the first place, which is why you'll never see a movie about me.) Emperor has voted for taking guns and killing everybody in that whole tribe. Elf is very upset at the idea because he says then it would be YOUR FAULT that they'd go to hell, almost as if you were personally dispatching them. He says SOMEBODY has to tell them about Jesus, so maybe send the moms next. (!!) Patrick and G are going, um, I know the end of this story and I'm not telling.

Have you ever seen the movie? Do you know about the story upon which it is based?


  1. I have seen it. It's a tear-jerker for most people. The drama of the violence all starts to make sense when, at the end, the tribe leader embraces Christianity...there is also a very emotional scene where the little boy grows up and he and the tribes leader are wailing together where the guy says he basically hates himself for killing the other guys dad.

    The very end is where they show the actual people instead of the actors, so that's pretty neat. Sure makes you feel lame for being afraid to even tell your harmless relatives about the Lord.

  2. Yes, I've seen it. Very touching story and a great testimony to the lengths these missionaries were willing to go to to spread the gospel.

  3. So I have seen the movie. Not to excited about who played Nate Saint but oh well.
    Also I have read jsut about all the books about the missionaries. AND I met Elisabeth Elliot in person. She is a neat woman. I was in the beginning stages of labor with the monkey and really wanted to go because it was a very small informal group that she was going to talk to. So my midwife said go ahead and so I did. I didn't have monkey until 3 days later. But it was awesome.

  4. Yep, it is a real testimony to the lengths people go to share the gospel. I think once you hear it completely though it becomes your responsibility, and the Holy Spirit guides you to seek truth.

    There are some "people groups" who are so over-evangelized they're sick of hearing it.


    I didn't know about "Jesus as a sacrifice for sins" until I was out of college. I coulda told you all about "Jesus the nice guy and teacher who didn't know how to keep his mouth shut," though. And how as long as you're sincere, it doesn't matter what you believe. :]

  5. I have watched the movie and the documentary and I read a couple of books. . . You must read the book because, in the scene at the end, the son later learns from the tribe that, after the killing at the river, up in the clouds, they saw men wearing white cloths. They saw this before anyone had ever preached to them, before anyone had described heavenly visions and angels. That part gave me chills!

  6. I have seen it. I have heard Steve Saint, the son of one of the martyred missionaries, speak. He was awesome. I think the best part of his presentation was when he admitted that God didn't allow his father and the other missionaries to be killed, God planned it. It was through their death, not their life, that God's best work would be done.

  7. The documentary (I *think* on which the movie was based) is Beyond the Gates of Splendor. Highly recommended! I thought the documentary was FAR superior to the movie version.

    Of course, you may know all of this already because I am so behind in all of my reading! :-/


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