30 July 2008

Extraneous Stuff.

Does anyone else have a problem with "extraneous stuff" in pictures? This is a picture of Elf's sixth birthday. What is the empty egg carton doing on my countertop? And the spaghetti?? I can tell you that the Anpanman doll was just laid down so that the children could eat without getting it all messy. I can also tell you that the toiletries zipper case is there because we had been preparing to go to Disney and were packing medicines, which are located in that cabinet. I could also tell you that under that plastic bag was Elf's nebulizer. I kept it under the bag so it wouldn't get all dusty between uses, but it does look kinda crummy on the countertop. I *like* the focus in my pictures to be on the children. Or maybe D took this one? Look how tiny Elf was in this picture. And G was a good foot or so shorter!


  1. I get stuff like that in the pictures all the time. I hate it when I do it but sometimes it's just the importance of the focus that makes the picture. Honestly I didn't notice all that stuff until you pointed it out. I did notice G behind Elf though.

  2. LOL! You crack me up! I'm the same way though. I keep thinking I should drape solid colored drops around the walls to keep the focus off of the toys and books strewn about.

  3. That countertop looks just like it should! A family home.... so don't you worry about it! Havn't the boys changed!!!

  4. I do all the time. I will take a really nice photo of Amy and realize that there is a great big mess next to her head. For every good photo I put on my blog there are probably ten zillion bad ones.
    When I look at the photos that you post, I don't really look at the extraneous stuff I am more interested in what is happening in the picture.

    cheers Kim


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