03 July 2008

Guess What D is Bringing Home?

I have no idea myself. So go ahead and guess.

He just called me from work with a very secretive tone and asked if I'd mind if he were late today. He wants to go buy something. Well, what is it? You'll see it when I get home.

I'm thinking a metallic blue 15-passenger van. Or a puppy. Either way, sounds like something I'll tell him I'd like to be consulted on first. Actually I'd be ok with the van but not the puppy. I'd have to be the bad guy and say to give it back. Patrick is allergic to dogs anyway.

OK, maybe he's not getting a puppy.

With, the price of gas, he probably isn't getting a metallic blue 15 passenger van, either. Especially since I don't know how to drive a large vehicle. And I never told him I wanted a metallic blue one in any event.

What's he out spending money on? He's usually very frugal. He went for FIVE FULL MONTHS once with his socks hanging out the sides of his ripped-up shoes because he wanted a Reebok brand in his size 12, wide. But it must be a hi-top and it must be black. It can't have any stripes or anything on it. And it must be under $45 with the tax (yes, early 90's). Well, he found it eventually.

So what's he buying?????


  1. Aww... Patrick just guessed a new twin mattress for Elf. The mattress is about 30 years old and all the sharp springs poke through and skewer the child while he sleeps.

    Well, that sounds like what D would buy. He's probably all secretive about it because he got a good deal on it.

    But it's not as exciting as a new van.

    OK, I am "adjusting my expectations" now...

  2. Sigh. He just arrived home with a mattress. Good call, Patrick.

    D is going, WHY WOULD I BUY YOU A PUPPY???? And a van? Where are you getting these ideas?!

  3. At least elf can sleep better. Sorry you didn't get your van or a puppy though.
    Aunt B.

  4. Well don't leave us in suspense!

  5. Yep, it was a mattress, Tracey. I ought to take a pic with the old skewer-y one. Elf slept well last night LOL!

    I sure can't say I disagree with the purchase, but when he was all sneaky about it I was expecting some sort of *surprise*.

  6. well i was going to guess but then I read your comments so now I know.
    We must remember that men are generally not that good at surprises. (at least mine isn't)

    that was nice of him though!


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