11 July 2008

One More Month.

That's how long the surgeon says it is going to be before I can lift my children with my arms extended out (you know, like from a crib, or any other "usual way" of picking up kids?). One month. This is a VERY GOOD thing to have happen in the summer, if it had to happen. I have contracted with Patrick to be my helper all day every day for $150. It's a lot of money, but it's a MONTH of work; vacuuming, lifting children, laundry etc. Basically he'll be doing about 3/4 of my manual labour. I am very blessed to have him at home. I have been praying that he will get to see mountains by the end of high school, too. I mentioned this to him and it seems like it is a dream he has just thought too much to be really real. That makes me so sad. I told him to start praying and see what God does.


  1. I think paying Patrick is a fantastic idea! He will learn lots from the experience of being your no #1 helper and being paid for it. I too am not allowed to do any lifting... but luckily my hubby is still home and I don't have a baby to pick up either, thank goodness! Brylee and Griffin are able to do most things for themselves too.. and even help me a bit too.

  2. God bless him, I'll pray for him too!

  3. I think if a child does that much extra work it is really nice to able to compensate them in some way. Is he talking like a huge mountain because are the Ozarks that far from you? They are very pretty.

    How far would the smokies be?


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