08 July 2008

They're Back, With Babies.

Isn't that CUTE? All the little wasps love our house and our hospitality so much, that they came back and brought their babies. See them inside the nest? The BEST part of it is the fact that it's impossible to reach the nest from outside with a ladder - it's too high because of a hill/deck placement. This is what it looked like after many sprayings with insecticide. D thought he'd open the window quickly to remove the nest, and that's when we discovered there's really no way to do it because the top window doesn't open. He took a stick between the window panes and kind of smashed the nest up. Then he vacuumed it. Well, that was our afternoon, pretty much. D went poison shopping, spraying, jumping and smashing... I had hoped that the inside window would open and we could knock the nest into a pickle jar, poke a few holes in the lid and watch the wasps hatch. You know, to make this an even MORE interesting homeschool blog. But to get it out of the window area without opening the window meant the nest looked more like a pancake than a thing of beauty (to be admired from afar).


  1. try putting some mothballs in panty hose and sticking it up there or just put some on the silplate. as the mothballs slowly decompose they release amonia and it's toxic to bees/hornets. I've done it under our deck and they haven't come back yet.

  2. Uh, my husband nursed our wasp nest until it got big, placed a plastic bag with formaldehyde over it to kill the wasps and carefully took it down so that he and the kids could dissect it. Marissa, much to her credit, was not interested. The littles thought it was fun to work with papa ~


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