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Your Geography Lesson.

My Fellow Americans, how much do you know about our country? Do you know how to locate Masisushits on the map? How about Misses Sippy and Oaklahomea? Just thought I'd mention that that state of Mexico can also be forgotten by the young and impetuous. We'll be learning the names, capitals and locations of all 50 states this year. I thought it would be interesting to know how much the boys know off the tops of their heads before we began, however. I'm sure if I sat down with them and asked questions like, what state does Grandma * live in? that they would get several more states. But I wanted this to be a no peeking at the map, no hints sort of a quiz.


  1. That is so funny. I love the way kids spell and what they think!

    When Brown Bear was about 6 his good friend moved to New Mexico. He said oh I wish she would move back where it is a free country.

    Kids are just so stinkin cute!

  2. My son doesn't his states, but he knows Superman is from Krypton and Martian ManHunter is from Mars.

  3. Oooooh

    [raising hand]

    Add a "Flat Emperor" to your study. Or collect postcards from different states. That was our favorite part of state study. LOL!

    Mrs. Sippy is incredibly nice. Mr. Sippy is wondering if he's being slighted though.

  4. Hysterical.

    On the other hand, I'm with Einstein who, reportedly, didn't memorize his own phone number saying, "Why would I memorize something I could look up?" least, that's my excuse as to why I could only properly place 14 of the states the first day of geography [smile].


  5. It's great to know all 50 states and capitals, but equally important to study countries of the world and their capitals.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  6. Noodle, we have a couple Flat Stanleys floating around, which is probably why Emperor wanted to write "New Zealand" down as a state before Elf stopped him. (I'm sure Chris would be THRILLED to be part of our 51st state there, wouldn't ya, Chris??)

    And the foreign countries? I need to think about that! I guess I had never bothered to memorize where any of them were because I reason they change every couplea years anyway, specially in Africa, so why bother?

    Probably the wrong attitude to have. This is something to seriously consider for fourth grade studies; at least a brief overview.

  7. Love the Misses Sippy! I guess he likes his sippy cup?

  8. LOL Emperor hasn't had a sippy cup in ages!! Probably four years! J has one, though.


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