26 August 2008

Elf Will Never Sleep Again.

I made the mistake of telling him just before his bedtime that if *only* he could think of a machine that could get to the bottom of the ocean and get all the sunken treasure, that he would be rich beyond his wildest imaginings.

So far, we have calculated a $300,000 "tithe" to the church based on money he hasn't even gotten yet. He's flapping his hands and *shaking* all over and planning his world tour of "Kenya" and China as well as Africa. (Was he thinking "Kenya" was somewhere besides Africa?) He is going to buy a new Lego set. He is going to the zoo. Both in the same day. "Oh... I'm so excited!" he said.

Now he is singing upstairs and his brother has just told him that not only could he buy a Lego set, he can buy TWO LEGO SETS with the money.

Elf will never sleep again. All he has to do is just think of this invention, and he's set. Small detail, that.


  1. You should take him to the beach and have him find a pre-hidden (by you) treasure--enough to get him a lego set and a zoo pass. It would be like making a dream come true!

    How fun would that be!

  2. LOL the beach is a little far from us here in Missouri. That would be hilarious, though!!

  3. With the price of some of those Lego sets, he might not be able to get two, even with enough to encourage a $300,000 tithe. [smile]

    I do love Legos... just wish I was more independently wealthy. Of course, I wouldn't be independently wealthy for long in that case.


  4. He's a smart kid...I'm sure he'll figure out something! *;o)


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