01 August 2008

Elf Writes The Odyssey.

Elf and Emperor have been reading Mary Pope Osborne's series on The Odyssey. I have gotten to the point where Odysseus has made it to Ithaca. What will Odysseus find at his house? How does the story end? That is our journal exercise. Here's what Elf wrote:


Odysseus will be mad at the suitors for trying to take Penelope for their wife, and said, "Nice try taking my wife as your wife."

All the suitors were so scared, they ran faster than a rocket.

Odysseus was thankful he had a purple monster costume. Penelope gasped. How could Odysseus do this to her? She didn't know why. So, she made dinner. It was peanut butter sandwiches.

How was Telemachus suppposed to come home without being killed? Odysseus didn't know he was coming to help him! But after dinner, she told Odysseus what Telemachus had done and how he's going to be killed when he comes home.

So Odysseus made a plan and told Penelope, "When he comes home, we'll jump and get the suitors. I'll get my sword and you get the purple monster costume, and lead them to me, then I'll kill them before they kill my son."

And that's just what they did.


And so ends the heroic epic of The Odyssey.


  1. PB & jelly sandwiches, a dinner fit for Greek gods.

    I read this book in a college class. I think Elf has a much better understanding of it than me.

  2. Great interpretation!!! Those purple monster costumes are very handy things..

  3. Originally I thought that a stern talking to would have been enough, but I think Elf's version is better. Purple monsters rule!


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