23 August 2008

House Arrest, No Ho-Hos.

I'm thinking this lady needs to be put on house arrest at her own expense. It really miffs me to see people with "specialized medical needs" getting medical care for free on my dime. I mean, by that logic, if you have cancer or some other expensive disease, you should continue to shoplift gum packets until they put you away for a few years. Then when you're all better and the cancer treatment is over, you can be released and still own your own home. Yayy.

On the other hand, these arguments of being "too pretty" or "too fat" for jail really miff me, too. If this woman is truly guilty of child murder, she needs the full penalty of the law just like anyone else. I'm really, really fat, but the thing I don't understand about people who are even MORE really, really fat than me is how they can get INTO their houses and get really big to the point where they can't leave the front door.

WHO IS STUPID ENOUGH to feed this woman so much food that she can't leave her own house?? I mean, everyone deserves to eat, but surely *someone's* feeding her a bit more than 1,500 calories a day doncha think? Would *you* be a "friend" to someone who lies on her bed all day and requests, say, 10 buckets of KFC extra crispy for dinner and bring it to her? I think I'd pretend to start lovin' alfalfa sprouts and bring her something with wheat bread. I mean, what's she going to do, come to my house and see me eating ice cream and being a hypocrite?

I need to quit reading the news. I leave with more questions about humanity than is probably right for me to even ask.


  1. Gee wiz, Mrs. C., don't you think you're being a little harsh? After all, Michael Phelps has 12,000 calories per day when he's training. This woman's doing the same thing; she just forgot about the swimming part.

    By the way, that's quite a crew you've got!

  2. I too don't know why I read the news anymore. At this point I feel it's pretty much not worth it.

    I can't handle when people do horrible things to babies and kids.

  3. Ugh. That's horrible. So - she was on BEDREST but managed to do the whole "blunt-force-blows" to the head deal. Horrible. Seems something more than obesity is the problem here. *duh*

  4. All I can say is...wow!
    Well, I WILL say that if she did this horrible thing, it's worth every tax dollar to hire someone from corrections to move in, supervise a court appointed diet, and guard her (and the fridge) until she's lost enough weight to be moved out of that house, tried, and put in jail.

    I feel a sudden need to work out. Off to the elliptical machine I go!


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