02 September 2008

How Mean.

Can you believe a hospital went and called the police because someone applied for a job using a stolen Social Security number? I mean, how dare they tell on Maria Martinez when she practiced the CRIME of identity theft? Now she's going to be deported and it's all the hospital's fault. Boo hoo hoo. The whole family is all upset.

Good job, Trinity Hospital of Carrollton, Texas. If that were my Social Security number, I would want to say thank-you personally. Why can't other businesses see that identity theft is a CRIME no matter what the colour or family circumstance of the person perpetrating it?

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  1. It happened to me! An illegal immigrant stole my social and was currently working at jobs. I didn't find out for years. Years ago, while I was pregnant, I got laid off. I went to apply for unemployment and that's when I saw all the list of jobs I've never worked. I called the latest company and told them that was my social security number. The lady was really mad. I wonder if they found her out. I hope so.


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