23 September 2008

HSLDA Stuff.

Free coffee for teachers at Starbucks. You can present proof that you're a homeschool teacher with your HSLDA card, but there are other ways you can take advantage of this offer. More info here.

And are you interested in a survey on homeschooled teenagers? I love HSLDA and the work they do, but methinks they may be a weeeee bit biased on the issue. I am, too. I know my kids are missing out on all kinds of great socialization at the local school, but they were able to make stupid comments during school time here at home and fill in "wedgies" instead of "widgets" in their unit boxes during math time. They think Mom won't notice?? Yeah, I think we'll miss out on the surveys when the children are older. They made it pretty plain that the purpose is to prove how well-rounded homeschool kids are, not hear about how my Elf would freak out if he had to get on a school bus and can't handle groups of more than about five people very well. I'd send a link to the extremely convolutedly-worded notice I got, but it arrived in my inbox and I can't find a link on its website. If you're a member, you probably have one as well.


  1. Oh, I'm so taking advantage of this!

  2. Makes me wish I was a teacher. I am a naughty pregnant lady who drinks caffeine.


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