10 September 2008

Thanks, Stacey!!

I won $20 in Amazon money, just for leaving a comment on Stacey's blog. She values my participation *that much.* I have never been to Amazon.com as a serious shopper, so it was a new experience for me. I remember clicking on strange "stories of interest" on other blogs in the past, however, and the website remembered what I looked at last time I was there and brought up its strange assortment of garden gnomes and Latin textbooks. You know, things that I clicked on while I was browsing other people's websites? Like, six months ago? It *remembered what I looked at,* months ago, even after I forgot?? OK, that kinda creeped me out. The folks at Amazon national headquarters now probably think I have a thing for garden gnomes, Latin, and Bob Jones textbooks. In that order.

I think that I've placed an order. I also think that I should receive it sometime in the next month or so, too. I paid about $5 after I used the gift card. I got a Bob Jones Bible curriculum teaching manual for fourth grade Bible study. If this really is what I think it is, I've just saved around $50 because all I'd still need would be the workbooks. I have a timeline from second and third grades, and it isn't really necessary (though it's helpful; I wouldn't spend $20 extra on it). The tests can be made up, or I could use the "review questions" AS the test if I wished to just give an oral exam to each child. No reason to spend an additional $15. For that matter, I might have fun making up my own tests.

I'll have to show the stuff to you all when it arrives. I'm buying used but through them. Has anyone ever done this? If it works, I might do this again because I could probably save a fair bit of money each year.

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