28 September 2008

Truth. Oh, But I Get to Decide What "Truth" Is.

You had better not say that Barack Obama is not a Christian during this election campaign. You had also better not think that his campaign promises contain the slightest hint of falsehood. You must speak the truth. The Obama campaign has hired goons (I mean... lawyers) to decide what the truth is on His behalf. Thou shalt not lie and say that He, the Great Obama, is not a Christian who plans on cutting taxes AND giving all sorts of money away in great social programs.

I'll say that some of the attacks on Obama have been unfair. I don't think he's a Muslim in the way that most Muslims would think of other Muslims. If my understanding is correct, once you're a Muslim, other Muslims think it's a sin worthy of death to embrace another religion. You and I should agree that that's unfair and people ought to be able to change their minds. And do you know what? Last I checked, Jesus didn't have a brand name, and Obama can call himself a Christian if he likes.

Well, fine for Obama. If he wins the election, God help us, it means that he was foreordained from the foundation of the world to do so. We need to pray for him.

But by the same token, because Jesus doesn't have a brand name and stamp "Holy Spirit-approved" tattoos on our foreheads the moment we're saved, I'm thinking that who is a true Christian is up for interpretation. The only one who really knows the Truth (capital T) is God Almighty Himself.

HELLO... It might really be True that Obama is a Christian who has not been convicted on certain issues. Let's be fair.

But HELLO AGAIN... It's more likely True that he is not a Christian based on his works. Jesus told us Himself that by the fruits, we'll know the True Christians from the false. So... can the Obama campaign punish dissenters for their spiritual judgment and call it slander and libel? Are those the days we're living through now?

I'm seeing the stupid mud-slinging and word-twisting from BOTH campaigns, but the lawyers dragging your butt to court because you disagree with a candidate or think he's a liar and say so should scare everyone.


  1. "Barack Obama Truth Squad"????


  2. Whether Sen. Obama is a Christian or not, he can't have my vote. My Christian values don't align with what he deems acceptable policies.

  3. Excellent post!!

    How have you been doing friend?

  4. Oh boy! Your politics are scary.

    Now out here it's tacken as a fact that all poticians are scoundrels & incapable of telling the truth...which makes things ever so much easier, natch?

  5. We have beautiful freedoms in theory, but from the beginning they've been pretty tainted. Example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alien_and_sedition

    from wikipedia.


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