17 September 2008


Parents of special-needs kids (or caretakers of special-needs adults for that matter!) will appreciate Hammie's blog and her latest post on "unloading." A short excerpt:

I got the message that unloading all your problems on your nearest and dearest, including siblings or friends that you see very regularly, is not a good idea. Because next time they see you (or the person/people you were whinging and bitching about) they will view you a little differently. Maybe even as a little bit of a victim, which I simply cannot stand the thought of! achgh!The other problem I can see with "unloading" is: who is going to carry it all around if you don't?I don't mean to stretch the metaphor but seriously, if you get it all out there in the open, it doesn't mean that anything is going to change. There simply isn't the infrastructure to take over what is worrying you, and it will always come back to being up to you.

If there is anything I learned in the first years of having my kids diagnosed, is that there is NO guardian angel watching over you, ready to swoop down and take over while you zone out and have some nice duvet days. Maybe even a short term depression.Nope, you quickly learn; If it is to be, It is up to me, so GET on with it.And what if having released it all, you can't fit it all back in?


  1. FYI your link doesn't work *sigh* old people and technology.


  2. OK it should work now. Young people and their whinin'. ;]

  3. Thanks Mrs C:
    here's the link


  4. So true! this is the exact reason that I blog and chose to air it all instead of just the positive stuff. If I did not I fear I would go crazy and the kids would suffer. I am strong in front of them and then just spout off on my blog.


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