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About the Mail.

A sad little boy has been robbed by Luann Ridgeway in one of the recent political ads in my mailbox. Yes, friends, this eeevil Republican woman robbed little Mister Freckles of his chance to get ahead because she supports school vouchers. According to the advertisement, only the "wealthiest people in our state" would be able to benefit from this arrangement which also somehow takes "vital resources from our public schools."

I'm sorry. I thought "vital" meant "necessary to life." Is public school "vital?" Um, ok, not going there. But the backside of this ad displays several doe-eyed children who look like they're hungry for my kids' fluffernutters way more than a good education. I didn't take a picture of it, but you missed it. It's important, the ad informs me, to vote Democratic "to help our kids. Because Luann Ridgeway doesn't."

Here, I thought Ridgeway and our other state rep. voting for an accounting of our mismanaged district's funds to be gone over by state auditors was a *good* idea. I mean, we're already missing $2,500,000.00 (yes, you read that right), so why pay an auditor perhaps 60 grand to find another million or two? Why should we waste taxpayer money on that, right??

I notice that they don't eeeeven try to tell the voters that she's against illegal immigration, for English as our national language, against gay marriage and abortion, and the whole nine yards. That would make her a shoe-in! Better hush up about that.

Or this ad. This one's great. It has glitter all over it and talks about how Kay Barnes is an "elite" and a corrupt politician. Yes. It came right out and called her a corrupt politician. I dislike her, but... coming right out and calling somebody "corrupt" is really something else. You'd better have something to back that one up. Paid for by the "National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee"?? I'd imagine it wouldn't be. What candidate would want to be associated with such smear?

Oh, and on the flip side? "missouri" with a small "m." Silver trays, butlers, and high class digs. It's just WRONG for a politician to have any kind of money whatsoever. And she's friends with convicted felons. WOW. I thought Jesus was a "friend of sinners." I bet you Jesus would have given a job to a convicted felon if it didn't put someone in danger. I notice that there is no specific accusation against the "convicted felon" in his specific dealings with Barnes. Hey, so if it's true as the ad purports, that he's really "a convict who went to federal prison for wire fraud and transportation of stolen property," does that mean that any deals he EVER does for the rest of his life are automatically shady?

I mean, I'm not voting for the lady, but I can give her some cred that she doesn't need to be treated that way. And I got three fliers on her within two days. The Republican Party must be really threatened by her.

Soon, I think these fliers won't stop at just telling us that "so and so voted AGAINST seniors" on a drug bill. Because most people know that it just because so and so voted against a drug bill doesn't mean she personally HATES Grandma. That's the next step. Yes, they've already started to pay actors to be destitute or senior citizen, or poor robbed little baby with no good funds for public education. Soon that won't be good enough.

Soon we will need paparazzi angling for the worst photos of candidates. I disagree with the way Clinton was treated in this presidential race. The google-eyed pic is funny, but overused and past a certain point, mean-spirited and not even real criticism. Maybe Clinton makes a speech about an issue and then a blogger would post the google-eyed pic and say something stupid in the caption for a "response."

Is this the level of political debate I should expect? Because if it is, I'm DEMANDING a campaign reality show. I mean it. We need to have Republican and Democrat seasons. Stupid questions from focus groups. Eyebrow waxing. Reporters taking unflattering photos. Kind of like Survivor or something.

I think sometime soon we'll even see photoshopped Nazi stuff in with our political photos. Instead of just seeing Obama in "ethnic" garb, he'll also be carrying a "Death to America" flag in his hand. It will just be parody and people will get away with it.

I don't like Obama, but this isn't the America I want to live in. I seriously doubt the guy's a Christian, though, and I don't see why churches ought to have to keep silent on the issue because of a tax code, but politicians can do about anything to anyBODY and it's ok.

Don't you think your pastor ought to be able to tell you who he's voting for and why? I don't see why, say, the Southern Baptist Convention shouldn't be able to send out its own fliers. I'm not getting how "tax-exempt" and "shut up" have to go together. I suppose that would mean more mail for me.

I think the TV ads are worse, but thankfully the only time I've seen "TV" in several months was when I was getting very painful dental work done. It would figure.


  1. Agreed,regardless of your choice in the election, I feel the tone in general has been very demeaning to the country as a whole.

  2. Don'tcha just love politics? We have all the TV ads on Prop 8, which defines marriage between a man and woman. The yes people are using the example of Maryland, who don't have such a law, and saying the kids are learning about gay marriage in 2nd grade. The no people are saying it's a lie, that it won't be taught in schools if the definition isn't law.

    Funny...I hear that homosexuality is ALREADY being taught in public schools and if your parents say it's wrong, they're bigots.

    I wonder if passing the definition into law will stop that...


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