20 October 2008

Go, Kristina!

Kristina Chew is interviewed for Newsweek in this link. I don't know that I would agree with her synopsis that we need MORE funding for teachers and public schools. That would just give public educators more money to lock kids like mine in the closet. Thank you, but Elf has had enough of public education for now. I could use the money I'm paying in taxes to support "special" education (yeah, it's special, all right!) for our homeschool. I suppose Elf might take a more advanced web class as he ages. A long time from now. Mayyyybe. Otherwise, I think we're staying away if we possibly can from public education. More money for "them" is not the answer. Just hope D doesn't lose his job or anything like that!!

She touched on the fact that Sarah Palin, as the mom of a disabled child, doesn't really know all there is to know about the disabilty yet. We do change and grow as parents, and our understanding of the disability grows and changes with the child. Trig is a tiny baby, and can be taken about in a stroller and oohed over. He isn't 14 and making weird noises in a crowded restaurant and receiving "looks." Just saying. It's something I know we will face with Woodjie unless he is able to speak and attend soon. It's hard to put into words, but he is not able to be "civilized" just yet. Good luck taking this kid on a plane; there is just no way.

But I appreciate educated, informed people like Kristina way more than curebies like Jenny McCarthy. I'd like to see "us" have an advocate in the White House, but it doesn't look like that is happening this election, to be honest.

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  1. I agree with you on money. We spend more money than other nations on our schools, so why are they scoring higher if money is the answer?

    On Sarah Palin, I think she has enough moxy to smile and stare right back if the teen version of Trig makes weird noises and gets stares.

    Sometimes, I have gotten away with acting calm, cool, and collected. Some people take their cues from me and, if I act like it's no big deal, so will they. Of course, there are always jerks and I pray for them because only God can soften their hearts.


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