15 October 2008

How to REALLY Make Ice Cream

Oh, well, I thought I had followed directions. BUT, inspired by Tammy's comment about the cheap way to do this in the freezer using SEPARATE BAGS, I did a little investigating on YouTube. Turns out you are NOT supposed to put the salt and ice in with the ice cream stuff. I was wondering why I didn't have enough room and why the "ice cream" tasted like water and salt. It was awful stuff. Now we've made another batch and it's the best you've ever tasted. Well, better than that. And the boys are so excited about the process as well. This counts as an hour in home ec as well as a real-life learning process.


  1. I am laughing with you . . . seriously! Standard comments around my house are things like, "Mom, don't burn the pizza again!"

    I am thinking that this was a great opportunity to practice problem solving, too!!!!

  2. ...you put the ice and salt ... in ... the ice cream?

    Oh my. Yes. That would nasty. [smile]

    I'm glad to hear that my ice cream ball is still a viable options! Woo-hoo!


  3. Yes, I thought I was following all the directions, and the part where they asked me to mix all this other stuff in a separate container... well... I did that and then added it to the rock salt and ice.

    It was very nasty!!

    Tammy, I'm teaching my sons to follow recipe directions. Isn't that scary?? Because obviously I'm not there yet, either. Your comment did save me from being very disappointed in this product though LOL!!!

  4. What a CLEVER idea--my mom used to make us hand-crank the ice cream, and it took about thirty minutes. I'd love to have one of these new balls. Where can they be found? I'll tell my brother and maybe he can ship me one overseas for a gift!

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas

  5. I bought mine from the LL Bean catalog. I save up my Discover card "cashback" money and buy things I otherwise wouldn't have the cash for, or wouldn't be able to see myself buying on a whim.

    It IS a lot of fun. Just be sure not to mix the rock salt with the ice cream, and you'll be all right! :]


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