30 October 2008


If you eat prepackaged foods at all, you may want to try the Healthy Choice portable kind that steams the rice. I found it AWFUL. I won't buy it again. But the container is the PERFECT size for ladybug-catching. It has nice BIG holes on top, but not quite so big that your ladybugs can escape. Freak your children out as they watch the ladybugs poke their faces out of the holes in a vain attempt to escape. Blush as you attempt to explain why the nice ladybug is giving her friend a piggyback ride. Yes, Elf, I think you're right... they really DO like each other. We also looked online and found out that ladybugs eat aphids and are good for roses. That's where we'll let them go when we're done with the entertainment.


  1. I love LadyBugs!! I didn't realize they were lesbians ;)

    Healthy Choice is awful. Way too much sodium anyway so I'm not sure what is healthy about them.

  2. Yep, Dianne, God actually DID make 'em that way. He also made confused BOY ladybugs. :p

  3. Our neighbor let 300 go right when everyone was planting a garden to help with the bugs.

    It was neat. There were red, yellow, orange, and GREEN ones!

  4. My husband had one of those dinners the other night- I didn't even look at the package....we love ladybugs around here....we tried to raise them from the larva but keeping a stream of aphids in the house isn't easy

  5. Last year we had a bunch of faux ladybugs (Asian beetles). You just reminded me that we have hardly seen any this year!

  6. Ah, the discomfort of telling your boys about the birds and the ladybugs. [smirk]

    "Don't you want to know what happened to the bees?" ~ The Happening (which I haven't seen)



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