13 October 2008


From Holy Coast blog, McCain is a racist because:

John McCain said he'd "whip" Obama.
Barack Obama is half black.
Slaves were black.
Some slavemasters used whips to punish slaves
John McCain wants to use a whip.
John McCain wants to be a slavemaster.
John McCain's statement was racist.

Ok, that's... interesting. Guess he must be into S and M, too, by that logic. Because we know all Republican men are secretly into something weird, right?? OH! And Republicans are all racist pigs deep down, and that's why they're not voting for Obama. It's because they don't like hope, people! *sniff*

I am disheartened to read so much absolute venomous hate on both sides of the political spectrum. You know what? I dislike Obama. I wouldn't be in tears if something bad happened to him, but I'd feel sorry for his family. Same for McCain, come to think of it. I'd really be worried more about the voting process and American political stability if "God forbid" happened. But I think both candidates ought to be talking about the fact that America is bigger than any one political party. And even with a really awful president, American will survive just fine by the grace of God. With choices like McCain and Obama, you know we're going to get one. :p


  1. You're right. We;re getting a terrible pres in either case. It's either a slow steady ride into socialism with McCain, or we take the red eye with Obama. And even in that I may be giving McCain too much credit.

    One thing's for sure: all the hateful rhetoric doesn't do anyone any good. It just inflames the anger of the kook fringe on both the left and the right, which means heaven help the rest of us.

    Wait a minute...am I part of the kook fringe on the right, you know, clinging to my religion and my gun? If I owned a gun, LOL!

  2. "It's either a slow steady ride into socialism with McCain, or we take the red eye with Obama."

    OH MY you hit that nail on the head so hard it's embedded in the wood!

  3. PS Maybe you USED to have a gun, but didn't cling tightly enough?

  4. Hell in a handbasket or a stealth bomber, take your pick! I am so cynical about this election. I feel like I'm living in a generation who's witnessing the death of America. Maybe it's what we all need to cling to Him for real.

  5. Sometimes racist people do use the words "whip" and "hang" but I'm fairly certain that was not McCains intent. Sounds like this is getting over-blown.


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