03 November 2008

The Food Groups.

This dish is one of the few Tupperware things I bought new years ago. This dish was new when Elf was a baby. I can't imagine ever relegating it to "storage;" it's just that useful and handy. Sure, it separates baby food, but even I could see myself eating from it on occasion. Since I'm a fatty, it would help with portion control, too. Can you see that all the important food groups are represented in this meal for Woodjie? (Guess what we just got finished studying in science?) Woodjie's food is on a towel because I took several pictures for a laminated book for him, and it needed a white background.


  1. Fruit loops, corn and bread... hmmmmm... where's the dairy and protein mate? LOL At least you have the colours represented! ha ha ha

  2. FUNNY!

    They sell cool divided plates like that at hell-mart too...cheap!

  3. All you need there is chocolate and alcohol and you've got the full range of American food groups, no?


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