21 November 2008

Oh, My Word, I'm A MAN!!

Who knew?? Well, my blog has been analyzed as being 52% likely to have been written by a man. So all y'all out there who were wondering about me, there ya go. Hat tip: Holy Coast blog.


  1. Ooooh I feel so feminie. Mine is 82% woman. Is this determined by blog design? Background color? Verrry Interesting (said in my best German accent).

  2. 64% woman. Better than I expected lol.

  3. AH, but Daja, your husband guest-posted a bit ago. Maybe 53% of the content was written by him before you click "older posts?" Try later when you've written it all.

    Sue, I don't think they go by background, because Daja's blog has buttons n bows.

    Ganeida, maybe all those "manly" gardening posts. LOL

    Seriously, I wonder what they use to determine authorship. If I made a fake blog that read "flowers, laces, hairdos" and another that said "wrenches, dirt, cars" maybe we'd see that the computer really is just stereotypin' us after all. :]

  4. Mine is 64% woman. That makes me feel good at least.

  5. I did this several months ago (pre David and Beverly anyway). I don't remember the percentage, but my blog is apparently likely to be written by a man too.

    I wonder if it would change now that I got the kids and really usually write about family stuff...


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