20 November 2008

A Recent Pic of Emperor.

Emperor's a bit of a duckling right now. Can you see that he snipped his hair, right next to the scalp, in the middle? Around it are my attempts (feeble) to even it out. He has lost two teeth on the bottom and the top two are wiggly. Lookit those cheeks, though. His skin is soft and perfect, too. He could never be ugly. We'll just say that he's going through an awkward phase, though.


  1. YOu wee darling looks fine to me~! Losing teeth and chopping your own hair is NORMAL .... one of my girls cut her eyelashes off.... that is not normal! She looked a fright!

  2. That is NOT awkward. That is adorable! I love snaggly toothed kids.

    My older two both cut their own hair when they were five-ish. Miss M was the worst, because she just cut off almost all her bangs. It seemed like it took forever to grow those things back!

    Nutkin hasn't done it yet, but I'm not sure he is really coordinated enough with the scissors. Not sure whether he ever will be. We can be thankful for the little things!


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