19 November 2008

Snuffly Girlie.

I follow her around with a hot washcloth to wipe her nose. She sees me coming and tries to hide her face... but I'm stronger than she is. Poor lil kiddo. Do you see she's getting two teeth on the bottom and has just eaten squash? I'm not sure how we're going to marry this one off. She's messy and prefers her brothers' clothes. But she likes talking and just sitting near friends. She is a wonderful imitator of sounds. I will be asking Woodjie, are you DONE with food? DONE? DONE? And I'll hear DONE... but it isn't Woodjie. It's the Girlie. She will be talking for him before long.


  1. Aww...poor lamb.
    I hate when they are sick.
    She sure is a cutie too!
    And smart like her Momma!

  2. Poor baby. There is nothing worse than a sore nose. That is so cool that she is already talking! Girls are such smartie-pants.

  3. If all her pictures are of when she is ill, how could you not find a suitor? [laughing]

    Hope she gets well soon. Sore noses are super annoying. Ugh.



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