05 November 2008

Thoughts From Terry.

This post is one of the most thoughtful I've seen to date on the election results:

"The reality is that our current president has done much to speed up this nation’s descent further into socialism. He has done it in the name of protecting from foreign enemies. President elect Obama will take the train to the next stop in the name of protecting us from our incapable selves. The church, by and large, has embraced the materialistic, me first, mindset embodied by this culture that has lead to this current climate of looking to Washington to do for us that which we have been too lazy and greedy to do for ourselves. Now is the time for us to get back to Bible basics: fervent prayer, sacrifice, caring for others, strengthening our families, working hard, and simplified living. We need to be the salt and light that we claim to be so that those who don’t know the Savior will be drawn to the only hope of salvation."

You really want to read this one for yourself in its entirety.


  1. I don't totally get it - sorry.

    All the pulling ourselves up by our own bookstraps and prayer out there doesn't build a road, doesn't fix a bridge, doesn't fund healthcare, doesn't find cures

    why can't there be a meet in the middle - people involved in their government - ya know the community activism that the Republicans mocked.

    I also am getting just a little tired of the word socialism thrown around just for impact.

    and finally I resent being told what is my 'only hope for salvation'

    it is judgemental and insulting

  2. You know, I really do agree with Terry's post, but I'm going to have to probably do a post of my own to clarify my views. I feel Terry has her heart in the right place but probably just disagrees with you on some issues. I like you both. :]

  3. Of course then there is this:
    Last I checked required service without pay was ...slavery.


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