07 November 2008

YES! And... No.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright has come out and told everyone in the media that the media used him.

Yep. And I'd agree.

Sure, people ran really old clips of the guy saying some stupid and outrageous things. Well, maybe it's possible to say some of that was taken out of context, though I'd have to wonder if "out of context" really means "outside this audience because YOU weren't meant to hear it." And sure, nobody agrees with everything their pastor says. But you betcha if my pastor said we all need to convert to Bahai next Sunday or silly things like that more than once every zillion or so years that I'd be staying home instead or sending my money to "real" evangelists like Benny Hinn. (no, not really! But I wish I could see the look on your face when you read that...)

But does no one remember the dog and pony show he put on not too long after video after video hit the web? I about cringed every time I saw him smirk as questions were being read to him. He loved the attention. He wasn't really used and abused by the media; he could have just as easily issued a statement and played the "no comment" game as long as he wished. Certainly, when he wanted to be left alone later in the game his name didn't show up so much on the news, did it? It wasn't as though he ceased existing for the past six months.

And... Milford, Connecticut? What is Wright doing there? When I was a kid, my best friend used to have a beach home in Milford. A priiivate beach home where the likes of you and I are not allowed to step on the sand and sully it. That whole section of ocean is theirs. I wish these news stories gave a bit of background. Did he get a beach house of his own? If he did, I'm jealous because it's very pretty there. Thousands of little stinging jellyfish, though. If you don't mind being stung by jellyfish and turning patches of red, it's a great beach.


  1. The country that Jeremiah Wright damns, has been very, very good to him, maybe even too good. If you want to be sickened, read about the 10,000 square foot house that's being built for him to retire to. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-wright-house_29mar29,0,7795356.story

  2. The media used him???? They didn't use him nearly enough, in my opinion!


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