06 December 2008


What do you think? NO TELLING where I got the photo from if you know. It was sent by email with the subject line, "We are next in line." I'll let you know in a couple days or so where I found it. :]


  1. I'm just going to hold my culturally insensitive tongue so people can make clever jabs and feel self righteous.

    Back to reading Mien Kampf for me!

  2. Oops, meant to put "clever" in quotation marks. Guess I was too busy thinking racist thoughts.

  3. Actually, I *AM* reading Mein Kampf because of some comments on another blog... once I hear about how a certain book has dangerous ideas, I have to at least peek at it. LOL

    So far, it sounds like his dad wasn't giving the kid any say-so in his own education and he's mad. I'm in the first chapter. :]

  4. Have updated:



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